KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Head Lifting Latch, Knob Assembly for 5KSM150, 5KSM156, 5KSM160, 5KSM170, 5KSM177, P/N: WP3184200


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KitchenAid Tilt Head Mixer, Head Lifting Latch and Link Assembly


Part Number: WP3184200


Suitable for:

5KSM150,  KSM150

5KSM155,  KSM155

5KSM156,  KSM156

5KSM160,  KSM160

5KSM170,  KSM170

5KSM177,  KSM177

5KSM180,  KSM180

5KSM90,  KSM90

5KSM45,  KSM45


5K5SS,  K5SS

5KPM50,  KPM50

5KPM5,  KPM5


5KSM150PSAWH0 (White)

5KSM150PSABU0 (Cobalt Blue)

5KSM150PSAGR0 (Imperial Grey)

5KSM150PSAOB0 (Onyx Black)

5KSM150PSAAC0 (Almond Creme)

5KSM150PSACR0 (Chrome)

5KSM150PSANK0 (Nickel)

5KSM150PSAIC0 (Ice)

5KSM150PSAER0 (Empire Red)

5KSM150PSAMY0 (Majestic Yellow)

5KSM150PSAPK0 (Pink)

5KSM150PSAPT0 (Pistachio)

5KSM150PSACV0 (Caviar)

5KSM150PSATG0 (Tangerine)

5KSM150PSAMC0 (Metallic Chrome)

5KSM150PSABW0 (Blue Willow)

5KSM150PSAGC0 (Gloss Cinnamon)

5KSM150PSAGA0 (Green Apple)

5KSM150PSAPM0 (Pearl Metallic)

5KSM150PSABY0 (Boysenberry)

5KSM150PSAYP0 (Yellow Pepper)



5KSM160APSACA0 (Candy Apple – Australia)

5KSM160APSACS0 (Cocoa Silver – Australia)

5KSM160PSAAC0 (Almond Creme – Australia)

5KSM160PSACU0 (Contour Silver – Australia)

5KSM160PSAER0 (Empire Red – Australia)

5KSM160PSAOB0 (Onyx Black – Australia)

5KSM160PSAWH0 (White – Australia)

5KSM160PSACL0 (Crystal Blue – Australia)

5KSM160PSACS0 (Cocoa Silver – Australia)

5KSM160PSAIC0 (Ice – Australia)

5KSM160PSAPK0 (Pink – Australia)

5KSM160PSAPT0 (Pistachio – Australia)

5KSM160PSATD0 (Truffle – Australia)

5KSM160PSAWM0 (Watermelon – Australia)

5KSM160PSACZ0 (Champagne – Australia)

5KSM160PSAMY0 (Majestic Yellow – Australia)

(Please check the model number before place an order, the model number would be underneath of the machine where motor is)

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