Microwave Repairs

A microwave oven is one of the most essential electronics in our house. We use it multiple times a day. The appliance saves a lot of time for you. But what happens if the microwave breaks down? Well, a broken-down microwave could lead to food wastage, dining complications, and even force us to eat out. Your wallet will undoubtedly suffer as a result of the malfunctioned microwave.

If your Microwave makes weird noises when it is running, or if it isn’t heating properly, you should contact an expert. You can always count on Ellis Electricals to help you out. For the past 47 years, Ellis Electrical Appliance Services and Sales has been a leading kitchen appliance repair company with a location in Dandenong, Melbourne.


Why choose Ellis Electricals?

At Ellis Electricals, we pride ourselves on our friendly staff and excellent customer service. We understand that not everyone is an expert on electricals, which is why our team is always on hand to offer professional advice and guidance. We only ever use the highest quality components and materials, so you can be sure that you’re getting top-quality service. We guarantee that you won’t find better value or quality of service anywhere else. So why not give us a try? We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Authorised Microwave Repairs in Melbourne

We are a team of skilled and experienced technicians who are able to work with people of all backgrounds and deliver the same warm and welcoming attitude. We offer high-quality repairs for all household appliances, large or small, and all appliance brand names. We take customer satisfaction seriously to build good faith.

We guarantee you quality appliance repairs and friendly services.

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