Ellis Electrical Appliances Service and Sales was established in 1974 by Mr Graham Ellis.

Ellis Electrical is a locally renowned kitchen appliances and coffee machine repair and service agent in Dandenong, Melbourne. Over the years we have built up a dedicated and committed team of in-house technicians who have the training and experience in Electronics, Electrical and Mechanics necessary to repair and service all coffee machines and kitchen appliances in our state of-the-art repair centre.

We offer fixed price service on all Manual, Automatic, and Semi Commercial Coffee Machines. In addition, we also service and repair a range of electrical appliances including Sunbeam Mixmaster, Kenwood Chef Mixer, Tefal steam generators, Electrolux vacuum cleaners, Birko water urns, food processors, juicers, sandwich makers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, and many other appliances.

As a sign of our commitment to honest and professional service, we provide all customers with a no-obligation free quote. That way whether your appliance or coffee machine is under or out of warranty, you can make an informed decision before taking advantage of our high quality and competitively priced services.

Ellis Electrical Appliance Service and Sales is a premier domestic coffee machine and kitchen appliance repairer that has been based in Dandenong, Melbourne for the past 47 years.

Over the years we have helped repair appliances for a diverse array of clients including offices, cafes, schools, restaurants, hotels, catering companies and bakeries in addition to many families who use kitchen appliances for their day-to-day use. Whoever you are, and whatever type of kitchen appliance you need repaired, at Ellis Electrical our highly experienced technicians will be able to deliver a prompt and effective solution.


Regular maintenance and service of your coffee machine and kitchen appliances is essential in order to ensure the longevity of your appliances. Ellis Electrical is equipped to service all automatic, manual and pod coffee machines in Dandenong and surrounding areas.

And the really good news is that our services are not limited to only servicing coffee machines. We are also specialists in the servicing of kitchen appliances such as mixers, food processors, steam generators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and many small appliances such as toasters and kettles. If it’s in the kitchen, then we’ll fix it!

Worried that your product is now out of warranty? Rest assured, with our very competitive prices and expertise, your favourite kitchen appliances will be ready to go back into action in a matter of days.


We have longstanding relationships with most major kitchen appliance manufacturers. Consequently we are able to service with ease your leading brand products from companies such as Sunbeam, Delonghi, Kenwood, Kitchnaid, Electrolux, Krups, Tefal, Birko, Vax, Ezidri, Moulinex and Remington whilst giving you full confidence that our on-house technicians will repair your appliances in a timely manner.

In addition to our renowned high quality repair services, we also sell a substantial range of domestic and commercial appliances as well as coffee equipment and a range of coffee and associated products sourced from leading manufacturers.


Looking for a spare part for one of your appliances? Ellis Electrical is an Authorised Spare Parts Distributor and Service Agent. We stock an extensive range of coffee machines, kitchen appliances and microwave spare parts. 


With over 46 years’ experience‚ our trusted, reliable and committed team is dedicated to helping you with your damaged appliances. We provide a level of customer service and attention to detail that is second to none.