Kenwood Patissier Mixer Stainless Steel Creaming Whisk, Beating Whisk for KM270 MX300 MX280 MX275 MX320 MX321 MX322 MX325 PN: KW686177


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Australian Kenwood Patissier Mixer Stainless Steel Whisk Assembly


Part Number:  KW686177

Suitable model Numbers:


KM270, KM270B,

KM270C, KM270P,

KM270R, KM270W,

KM270Y, MX270,

MX271, MX272,

MX273, MX274,

MX275, MX279,

MX280, MX300,

MX313, MX315,

MX316, MX320,

MX321, MX322,

MX323, MX324,

MX325, MX326,


Please check the compatible model numbers before place an order. Even you would compare the Pictures respectively. The mixer model number would be underneath of the mixer where motor is.

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