Kenwood Patissier Mixer, Creaming Beater, K Beater for KM270, MX270, MX300, MX280, MX275, MX320, MX325 P/N: KW686153


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Kenwood Pattssier Cake Mixer Creaming K Beater Tool


Part Number: KW686153


This beater has been shaped to reach as much of your Kitchen Machine’s bowl as possible, to provide a thorough beating action.

With robust construction and a carefully-designed frame, this Beater is ideal for achieving professional-grade mixing.

Suitable for select Kenwood Kitchen Machines.


Suitable Models:

KM270, KM270B, KM270C, KM270P, KM270R, KM270W, KM270Y,

MX270, MX271, MX272, MX273, MX274, MX275, MX279,

MX280, MX300, MX313, MX315 , MX316 , MX320



(Model numbers would be underneath of the machine where the motor is)


Also we sell other Kenwood Chef attachments such as Whisks, Dough Hooks, K beaters and Flexi Beaters etc.



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