Kenwood Major Sized Mixer Dust Cover for Kenwood Sense XL or Major Mixer KVL60, KVL61, KVL6100T, KVL4100, KVL80, KVL8300 P/N: KW716336


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Kenwood Major, Sense XL Mixer ( Large ) Sized Dust Cover, Protective Case



Part Number: KW716336


Suitable Models:

A907D,  KM230

KM250, KM800

KM020,  KM021

KM023,  KM005

KM006,  KM007

KM070,  KMM770

KVL8300S,  KVL6020T

KVL6000T,  KVL6100T

KVL6100G,  KVL6100P

KVL6100Y,  KVL6300

KVL6300B,  KVL4100



(Kenwood mixer model number would be underneath of the machine where the motor is)


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