Kenwood Vintage Chef Mixer, K Beater, Creaming Beater for A701A, A703C, A901E, KM201, KM210, KM300, KM310, KM330, P/N: AW20011064CS


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Genuine Australian Kenwood Chef Mixer Non Stick K beater 

Part Number -AW20011064CS


Designed to increase efficiency and reduce beating time
It is especially good for mixing traditional fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, pastry and biscuits
Fits both non-bayonet and new bayonet hubs
Genuine Australian Kenwood Product
Non Stick Aluminium Coated


Fits Chef Models
A701A, A702, A703
A901, A901, A901P, A901D, A901DL, A901E, A902
KM200, KM201, KM210, KM220, KM290
KM300, KM310, KM315, KM316, KM330, KM331, KM335, KM336, KM337, KM340, KM346
KM400, KM410, KM416, KM417, KM440, KM460
KMC500, KMC505, KMC510, KMC550, KMC560, KMC570
KM010,KM011, KM013, KM030, KM001, KM002, KM003

Please check the compatible chart before you place an order. Even you would compare the Pictures respectively. The chef model number is underneath of the mixer.

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