Delonghi Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaning Care Kit P/N: 5513283501


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DeLonghi Espresso Coffee Machine Cleaning Care Kit

P/N: 55132835010


Water Filter

200ml EcoDecalk Descaler

250ml ECO Multiclean

Microfibre Cloth

Water Hardness Test


Suitable for below Models:


ECAM350.15.B – Dinamica

ECAM350.55.B – Dinamica

ECAM350.55.W – Dinamica

ECAM350.55.BM – Dinamica

ECAM350.55.S – Dinamica

ECAM370.95.T – Dinamica Plus

ECAM650.55.MS – Primadonna Elite

ECAM650.75.MS – Primadonna Elite

ECAM650.85.MS – Primadonna Elite

ECAM550.55.BB – Primadonna Class

ECAM550.75.MS – Primadonna Class

ECAM510.55.M – Primadonna S Evo

ECAM26.455.M – Primadonna S Delux

ESAM6900.M – Primadonna Exclusive

ECAM610.75.MB Primadonna Soul

ETAM290.31.SB – Magnifica Evo

ECAM22.110.SB – Magnifica S 

ECAM250.33.TB – Magnifica S Smart

ECAM23.210.B – Intensa

ECAM23.210.W – Intensa

ECAM23.450.S – Intensa Cappuccino

ECAM23.460.S – Cappuccino

ECAM22.360.S – Magnifica S Cappuccino

ETAM29.510.B – Autentica

ETAM29.660.SB – Autentica Cappuccino

ETAM29.620.SB – Autentica Cappuccino Plus

ETAM36.365.M – Primadonna XS

ECAM45.760.W – Eletta Cappuccino Top

ECAM45.760.B – Eletta Cappuccino Top

ECAM450.55.G – Eletta Explore

ECAM450.76.T – Eletta Explore

ECAM450.86.T – Eletta Explore Cold Brew

ECAM28.465.M – Primadonna S De Luxe



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