Creaming Whisk for Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL Mixer KVL85, KVL65, KWL90 P/N: AW20011051


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 Kenwood Titanium Chef Baker XL, Patisserie Chef XL Mixer, 9 Wire Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk


Part Number: AW20011051 / KAT71.000SS


Suitable for:

 KVL85, KVL85.004SI – Titanium Chef Baker XL

KVL65, KVL65.001WH – Titanium Chef Baker XL

KWL90, KWL90.004SI – Cooking Chef XL

KCL95, KCL95.004SI – Patisserie Chef XL


( Note: Chef XL Sense is larger version of Kenwood Mixers therefor please double check your mixer model number before purching the product, there are some suitable mixer model pictures for your reference, mixers are not for sale )

(Kenwood mixer model number would be underneath of the machine where the motor is)



  • The balloon shape of the whisk is perfect for creating maximum volume
  • It mixes a lot of air into the mixture to give a light fluffy texture – perfect for mousses, soufflés, meringues and cheesecakes
  • Professional grade
  • Genuine Kenwood Product

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