4 x Kenwood Chef Mixer, Rubber Motor Mounts, Motor Vibration Isolation Mounts for A701, A701A, A703C, A707


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4 x Kenwood Chef Mixer, Rubber Motor Mounts

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Suitable Models:

A701,  A701A,  A901

A902,  A904,  A703C

A707,  A707A, 


The motor in your Kenwood Chef 700 series is attached to the mixer body by 4 rubber mounts that are designed to absorb vibration from the motor during the mixing process.  Over time the mounts age and become brittle and perished.  When this happens and the motor is free to move about the motor bearings can be damaged and in extreme cases even collapse into the housing damaging other components and creating a potential electrical hazard.  Given that Kenwood 700 series mixers are at least 40 years old it is not surprising that the rubber mounts are usually perished and no longer functional.

(Kenwood Kmix mixer model number would be underneath of the machine where the motor is, use mixer pictures as a reference)


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